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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freedom Debt Relief Customer Review

Question: Is Freedom Debt Relief a good option for debt relief? Can you please do a review of freedom debt relief for me to determine if they are the BEST debt relief option for me?

Thank you. Gracie P. 

Answer: Gracie - thank you for your question on Freedom Debt Relief and debt relief options. We researched Freedom Debt Relief and have some good information to sharewith you. 

Yes, Freedom Debt Relief ( 
Freedom Debt Relief website ) appears to be a very good option, if you are seeking debt resolution or negotiated debt settlement. If you want to see a review of Freedom Debt Relief, you can follow this link or just read on below: 

Freedom Debt Relief Review 

I'll also share some of the basic homework for you, and the facts, but be sure to pick the solution that is right for you: 

1. Freedom Debt Relief first joined the Better Business Bureau many years ago (joined the BBB 5 years ago). 
2. Freedom Debt Relief appears to be one of the largest debt resolution firms in the country, settling over $100 million in client debts per year and managing over a billion in consumer debt (making them one of the largest). 
3. The Founders of the Company are Stanford Business School alumni with impressive backgrounds in the financial services industry. 
4. One of the Founders of 
Freedom Debt Relief is on the Board of Directors of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) and was a Founding Board Member of USOBA -- as elected by their peers in the industry. So their competitors think they are good too and they conform to industry standards on compliance and best practices. 
5. They've won many awards (Best Places to Work in Phoenix, Best Places to Work in San Francisco, Entrepreneurs of the Year from 
Ernst & Young, Fast 100 list by Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc 500, etc)
6. Their debt consultants are IAPDA certified and they are one of the few companies to be TASC and BSI certified for excellent customer relationships. 
7. They look solid and credible, having been around long enough to have thousands of graduates and to have dialed in their systems and business procedures. 

Since we believe that Freedom Debt is a very good option, we also want to make sure that you do your homework on debt settlement and make sure that this is the right debt relief option for your situation, since debt settlement is not a perfect solution for everyone. 

If you are interested in general in negotiated debt settlement, I can give you the following facts: 

Debt settlement, also called debt negotiation, is a form of debt consolidation that cuts your total debt, sometimes over 50%, with low monthly payments. Debt settlement programs typically run around three years. It is important to keep in mind, however, that during the life of your debt settlement program, you are NOT paying your creditors. This means that a debt settlement form of debt consolidation will negatively impact your credit rating and you will likely get some collection calls and have to partner with your firm to get totally debt free. However, debt settlement is usually the fastest and cheapest way to debt freedom, with a low monthly payment, while avoiding Bankruptcy. The trade-off here is a negative credit rating versus saving lots of money and a low payment. 

So, we think that Freedom Debt Relief could be a great choice for you! 

In the spirit of full disclosure, we do consider Freedom Financial Network and it's related entities as sister companies and think very highly of the teams at Freedom. 

I hope this information helps you: Find. Learn. Save. 

ps. You can contact them directly and find out for yourself: 1-800-544-7211 or at their website: Freedom Debt Relief 

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